In 2007, I decided I wanted to become a music producer.

I was an introvert. I imagined spending my days making music in a studio, alone – and live happily ever after.


The reason I went into music production became the reason why I wasn’t successful as a music producer (an industry based almost entirely on networking). I missed opportunities because I was hesitant to connect with other people who could help me.

When I took a chance...

Around 2008, I was hired to play the violin at a wedding. This was the time when cinematic wedding videos became popular. I remember being impressed with the couple's video during the wedding.

As I was heading off, I noticed name cards on the registration table. It was from the company that made the wedding video. Till today, I don't know what made me pick one up (I was still very introverted). But I took a card and gave the number a call.

A year later, I found myself producing music for a History Channel documentary – a contract I received through the company I connected with from the wedding.

The documentary, The Fall of Penang - originally aired on TV, but you can watch it here.

Isn't it crazy?

All it took was one random phone call. My willingness to connect with someone brought me a contract that added to my career.

What if I had just walked off and gone home? That opportunity would have been gone forever.

Give yourself chances

One connection can be all it takes to change your life.

The problem is we don't know when it'll happen. But business is a game where sometimes we only need 1 win, to be successful.

We can't control luck. But we can increase our odds of getting lucky.

Say hello to everyone you meet. Recognize that every contact is an opportunity. Your biggest growth ahead is in the hands of someone you've not met yet.

We made Underdog E-Commerce Con to provide opportunities for people to make meaningful connections. Bring a friend along. Say hi to me during the event. Tell me who you'd want to meet and I'll connect you.

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