ChatGPT has sparked the all-time debate of humans vs machines.

The techies are excited about the innovation of an impressive AI tool. But the marketers and creators are sceptical (and also threaten that their jobs will be easily replaced).

In this episode, Jonathan shares his experience with this tool, and how he utilises it to help him in his day-to-day work.

From combating writer's block to gathering information from different sources efficiently, ChatGPT makes the groundwork for marketers and copywriters easier.

Despite its superpowers, Reuben and Jonathan also discuss why nothing beats human minds and creativity in crafting content.

With ChatGPT in place, what it means for us:

  • genuine human-created content is more valuable than ever
  • businesses that originally create their content can build better trust and engagement with their audience  
  • mediocre writing will soon be unacceptable in the industry

Tune in to the episode to hear more insights on ChatGPT, the battle between Google vs Microsoft, and how it affects us as consumers in this era of AI innovation.

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