If you're like me, you probably prefer drinking lattes – compared to a 3-in-one coffee.

Imagine you hired a contractor to build your home, and he shows up with an all-in-one tool.

No toolbox.

Just one single multi-purpose tool.

You'd probably be shocked. Does this guy know what he's doing? I thought he'd at least bring a hammer, drill, some nails, measuring tape, and screws?

Specialized jobs require specialized tools. Although technically you can use a spanner to drive a nail into wood, it's better to use a hammer for the job.

The same goes for marketing.

That's why I'm careful about marketing tools that claim to do everything.

An all-in-one tool that will be your CRM, email platform, course, website builder, E-commerce, and more. It's tempting to fall for them because they seem like the perfect solution you've been looking for.

One such platform I've tried was Podia.

It tried to be many things but didn't really excel in one of them. After months of using it, I decided to switch to Gumroad. We've just put up two of our programs and will be uploading the rest soon. I'll tell you about these programs soon.

That aside, the message here is that all-in-one tools usually perform each function in a mediocre way.

The same for "full-service" and "do-it-all" marketing agencies or businesses.

So today's question for yourself: Are you an all-in-one type of business?

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