If you run ads on Facebook, then pay attention to some benchmarks. Here's the average Clickthrough-Rate (CTR) benchmark on Facebook Ads. (by WordStream)

Take benchmarks with a pinch of salt. I usually see businesses doing better than these numbers.

So what we've learned?

The average for CTR for Facebook Ads is 0.90%. That means, 1 person will click for every 110 ad impressions you spend on Facebook.

So, which one sucks?

Is it your landing page (where you convert customers) or your ad creatives?


Pull up your Facebook ads report and take a look at the CTR rates:

These campaigns are over the benchmarks! Yay to team Daily CMO!

Wait, what's the difference between CTR (all) and CTR (link click-through rate)?

  • CTR (all): Any click done on your ad. Regardless if it's a like, comment, swipe, share. Basically any interaction.
  • CTR (link click-through rate): Number of link clicks by people who have seen your ad.

CTR (link click-through rate) is the one you want. Now, measure your current CTR against the benchmark.

If CTR is high, and you're not getting conversions – then your landing page and offer probably suck. Fix that.

If CTR is low, and you're not getting conversions – then your ad creatives suck and aren't motivating people to click.  

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