Resources and extra bonuses from WhatsApp Sales Accelerator workshop.

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1. Presentation Slides

2. Instant Whatsapp Scripts Template

Some of our winning Whatsapp scripts we use for our clients. Content will be regularly updated.

Whatsapp Marketing Scripts
Promotions/Offers Ask Hi Robert, Merry Christmas! We’re clearing some of our stock at ABC business. Would you like to see them? Go direct Hi Chris, thank you for a great 2022. I wanted to take this moment, to thank you for being our valued customers. Before the year ends, I want to give...

3. How to clean up phone numbers with text, symbols & incorrect formats.

Practice sheet:

On Google Sheets:

  1. Separate text from numbers.

Data > Split Text to Columns > Choose Separator

2. Remove text in front of numbers.

Find & replace > Find \D > Check 'Match Case', 'Regular Expressions' & 'Search in formulas' > Replace All.

3. Add 6 in front of numbers.

Find & replace > Find ^1 > Replace with 601 > Check 'Match Case', 'Regular Expressions' > Replace All