New technologies like ChatGPT, AI, and Web 3.0 are exciting. Everyone is talking about them.

But do you actually use them for business, professionally?

For the time (and cost) you spend experimenting with them are you actually driving actual revenue back to your business?

Just because someone knows how to generate an image with a text prompt, doesn't mean they are driving revenue.

Sounds familiar?

New technologies – AI, Web 3.0,  Blockchain, 5G, IoT... are merely tools. Only a few businesses are capitalizing on these technologies to grow their revenue. The others are just playing with tools.

That's why we're putting together a practical workshop and bringing two experts who will help you implement new technologies in your business.

The Future Of Marketing Workshop

A practical, actionable workshop where you'll implement new technologies to enhance your marketing – and grow your business revenue. 

Leaders from two companies – Mitoworld and Otomate Me will share case studies of how their clients like Nestle, Hiredly, and Sunway used their technologies to grow. Then they'll show you how to do the same for your business and implement it together with you.

🗓️ Date and Time

Date: 16th June 2023 (Friday)
Time: 9AM - 1PM

🏠 Location

Hall 2, Penang Digital Library
135, Jln Masjid Negeri, Taman Guan Joo Seng, 11600 George Town, Pulau Pinang

📍Workshop Agenda

  • 8:45AM – Registration & networking.
  • 9AM – Session #1: Web 3.0 and the Metaverse by Mitoworld
  • 11AM – AI & Messaging Automation by Otomate Me
  • 1PM – End & networking.

Workshop Fees

RM499 RM239 per participant

Two hands-on sessions that will change the way you do marketing.

Session #1: Growing revenue with your own Metaverse.

Star Wars Day built on Mitoworld

Attention drives revenue.

The market, however, is noisier than ever.

In the midst of all the noise, imagine being able to get your prospects to spend over 15 minutes, engaging on your brand.

This would lead to:

  • An increase in customer leads.
  • More people liking your brand and buying from you.
  • Increase in brand affinity and recall.

This is what building new experiences for your customers can do.

During this session, you will learn about Web 3.0, discover use examples and build a metaverse for your business with Mitoworld – a no-code metaverse builder.

Hiredly's career fair in the Metaverse. Built with Mitoworld.


Chief Metaverse Officer, Jun.

With 5+ years of experience as a venture capitalist, Jun is an investment strategist specializing in driving strategies, financial modeling, and investor relations.

Intrigued by the Web3 industry, he immersed himself in NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Now as the Chief Metaverse Officer at Virtualtech Frontier (VTF), Jun leads business development, securing strategic partnerships and deploying Metaverse solutions. He is a creative and proactive individual dedicated to shaping the future of the Metaverse through VTF's unique model.


This is a practical, hands-on session. Please bring a laptop to participate.

  1. What are Web3, metaverse – and how it applies to businesses.
  2. Introducing AI into the metaverse.
  3. 3 ways businesses can leverage the Metaverse to drive revenue.
  4. Hands-on: Building your own metaverse.
  5. Q&A plus brainstorming.

Session #2: Shorten your sales cycle & boost revenue with AI automation.

Customers these days want things on demand. If they send in an inquiry, they expect a response from you – NOW. If they ask for support, they want you to respond ASAP.

Every minute of delay decreases the chances of them doing business with you.

Speed is king.

What if you could shorten the time in responding to your customers' during their most critical moments? In this session you'll set up a robust messaging automation system on WhatsApp with OtoWa for your business, combining automation and AI.


Azlan aspired to be an inventor. When he was studying, he built a wearable device for stroke patients and received multiple awards from organizations like Samsung, IM4U, and MCMC.

Today, he is co-founder of Otomate Me, a SaaS company that helps companies automate customer & business communication. By leveraging technology, Otomate Me helps companies like UOB, POS Malaysia, and Kantar increase their sales and produce happier customers.


This is a practical, hands-on session. Please bring a laptop to participate.

  1. How businesses like UOB and Oxwhite use automation to increase revenue.
  2. Maintaining a human touch while using automation & AI.
  3. Hands-on: Setting up your Whatsapp automation to boost sales.
  4. Q&A and brainstorm session.

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If you're ready to implement these technologies & strategies into your business, this workshop is for you.

Date: 16th June 2023 (Friday)
Time: 9AM - 1PM
Location: Hall 2, Penang Digital Library

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  • Bonus #1: Mitoworld Pro 2 Months Subscription x 2 months (Worth RM908)
  • Bonus #2: OtoWA Pro, 1 Month Subscription x 1 month (Worth RM252)

Questions people usually ask

What should I prepare?

Please bring along a laptop for the workshop. This is not a talk session. You will be building and working on your laptop. 

Who is this workshop for? 

This workshop is for brand owners (businesses) and marketing agencies. In fact, if you do any marketing at all – this workshop is a must-join.

I'm having issues setting up. Who can I contact? 

For all issues pertaining to Daily CMO courses and events, please reach out to

Will the workshop sessions be recorded? 

Yes, they will be recorded and added to our community. As a paid participant, you'll have access to the content – forever.

What if I need more help after the workshop?

That's why we set up an online community space. The speakers and other participants will be in the community. Use it to discuss, ask questions and connect.